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Tilt Trailer

Otter Lake Trailers: What is the purpose of a Millroad tilt trailer?

Some trailers come equipped with ramps to allow you to load heavy cargo onto them. Other trailers do not come with their own ramps, but it is possible to purchase ramps for loading them. Unfortunately, ramps aren’t always convenient. Fortunately, there is another option. Millroad tilt trailers have a deck that can incline, allowing it to tilt down toward the ground. Essentially, the entire deck of a tilt trailer becomes its own ramp, which can offer you significant benefits.

Otter Lake Trailers in Armstrong, B.C is your source for Millroad Trailers and is here to provide you with more insight about tilt trailers before deciding to buy.

How Does a Tilt Trailer Work?

A tilt trailer works in one of two different ways. Some have a hydraulic lift that tilts the deck down to the ground when you need to load something onto it. Once the cargo is in place, you can then reverse the process to bring the deck back into a horizontal position, bringing the cargo with it. Hydraulic lifts operate with the push of a button and stay in each position until you decide to move them. The motion of a hydraulic lift is fluid and smooth.

The other type of tilt trailer is called a sliding tilt trailer. This type of trailer has a mechanism that keeps the deck locked in a horizontal position. The deck is built on a hinge so that, when you release the mechanism, the trailer bed tilts down because of the force of gravity acting on the weight of the deck. The weight of the cargo pulls the deck back up into its horizontal position. Keeping it there is a simple matter of locking the mechanism back into place.

What Are Some Situations in Which a Tilt Trailer Would Be Useful?

A tilt trailer would be useful anytime you have to load cargo that is too heavy to lift. There is no need to lift anything to load it onto a tilt trailer. The deck lowers down to the ground, and then you simply push the heavy cargo onto it. The trailer then does the lifting itself.

In particular, tilt trailers work really well for transporting vehicles, such as the following:

  • Automobiles
  • Pick-ups
  • Motorcycles
  • Powersports vehicles (e.g., UTVs or ATVs)
  • Lawnmowers and other types of landscaping equipment
  • Small industrial vehicles (e.g., skid steers)

As long as the trailer is wide enough, you can tilt down the deck and drive the vehicle right up onto it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tilt Trailers?

Tilt trailers are available in different sizes. You can choose a trailer that is wide enough to accommodate whatever cargo you need to haul. Just be sure that, if you need to haul cargo of different sizes, you get a trailer that can accommodate the largest loads you need to transport. That way, you know it will be able to handle every load. Tilt trailers are convenient and easy to operate even if you have physical limitations and reduce the risk of injury from loading and unloading.

Having a tilt trailer means that you don’t have to purchase an extra ramp. Therefore, you don’t have to haul the ramp with you, nor do you need to maintain it or store it when it is not in use. Even if the ramp comes built-in on the trailer, it can still take up cargo space when folded up for travel. Having a tilt trailer can maximize your hauling capacity.

Some ramps consist of two narrow inclined planes rather than one large one. Driving a vehicle onto a trailer using this configuration can be a challenge. If you steer too far in either direction, one of the wheels could slip off the side. It is much easier to drive a vehicle onto the wide deck of a tilt trailer.

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