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Tilt Trailer

5 Reasons To Buy a Millroad Tilt Trailer From Otter Lake Trailers

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable way to haul something big, tilt trailers are a great option. Of course, purchasing one is a big investment, so you want to get a top-notch model that will serve you for years. Fortunately, Millroad produces high-quality trailers that stand the test of time. These versatile trailers offer plenty of advantages that make them a great purchase decision. Read on to discover 5 reasons you should consider getting a Millroad tilt trailer from Otter Lake Trailers. 

Why Buy Millroad Tilt Trailers?

Getting heavy equipment from one job site to another is essential in construction work. A tilt trailer provides the perfect solution with its customizable features and many benefits. There are plenty reasons you should consider purchasing a Millroad tilt trailer. Here are 5 key benefits of buying one from Otter Lake Trailers today.

1. Durable Construction

Durability is essential for any major equipment, as it must endure dust, rain and sun exposure. Tilt trailers spend a significant amount of time on the road, weighed down by tons of cargo. Only top-tier materials will do for trailers, as a malfunction in transit can be incredibly dangerous. Even damage sustained while stationary can delay deadlines and run up repair bills.

Fortunately, custom aluminum trailers from Millroad use high-quality components and steel, decreasing the risk of corrosion. With a Millroad trailer, you can reliably deliver, no matter the job.

2. Easy Loading and Unloading

Lifting heavy equipment, vehicles and other cargo onto a flatbed is dangerous if not done correctly. If the bed doesn’t tilt, you need machinery powerful enough to lift the item and someone with the skills to operate said machinery. This isn’t sustainable for construction companies and other enterprises that need to haul tons regularly.

Tilt trailers solve this issue by providing a built-in ramp, allowing you to drive vehicles and heavy equipment right onto the bed. This approach saves significant money and ensures you never have to wait around for a construction lift.

3. Secure Tie-Downs

One of the most critical safety features for hauling is truckbed tie-downs. These points offer a place to secure straps, which exert downward pressure on the cargo. Millroad trailers have several secure points, allowing you to restain various car and heavy equipment models.

Tie-downs keep cargo, your vehicle and fellow motorists safe, as unsecured items can slide off the truckbed, crash into the back of your truck and even fly into oncoming traffic during a sharp turn. Checking the straps before travel is essential for avoiding devastation and potential lawsuits.

4. Convenient Features

Millroad tilt trailers come with several features that boost convenience:

  • Multiple storage options
  • Quick-release couplers
  • Adjustable hitch points
  • Galvanized rims and radial tires
  • Two hydraulic lift cylinders

Additionally, you can customize it to better accommodate your needs. For example, you can choose a deckover bed instead of the standard for wider loads. You also have multiple deck length options up to 24 feet. Finally, you can opt for any of the following axles:

  • Tri-axle for 10-ton loads
  • 7,000-pound axles
  • 6,000-pound axles
  • 5,200-pound axles

5. Excellent Customer Service

The representatives at Otter Lake Trailers understand the care that goes into researching trailer models. That’s why their team is happy to answer all questions and provide advice. Otter Lake Trailers believes customers deserve first-rate service at every step of the purchasing process and strives to deliver a positive experience every time.

Do you have concerns about your tilt trailers after delivery? The customer service team will do everything possible to address the issues and will not rest until you’re satisfied.

Where Can You Purchase Millroad Tilt Trailers?

If you want to purchase tilt trailers in Armstrong B.C., Otter Lake Trailers is the place to shop. You’ll find a generous selection of Millroad tilt trailers, including ample opportunity for customization. Every model meets global industry standards, ensuring high-level performance. When you choose equipment from Otter Lake Trailers, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of the best. To learn more, visit the company website or give us a call.