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Deckover Trailer

Otter Lake Trailers: 4 Hauling Benefits of the Millroad Deckover Trailer

When choosing a trailer for your general hauling needs, you might settle on a flatbed. Flatbed trailers come in two options, standard and deckover. Standard designs place the flatbed between the wheel wells, creating a less practical design with a few challenges. Alternatively, deckover trailers can resolve the design flaws of the standard option by positioning the deck or bed above and over the wheels. The positioning offers more room and presents many hauling benefits.

4 Hauling Benefits of Deckover Trailers

While a deckover trailer has many benefits compared to a regular or standard flatbed option, you will find the primary benefits in its hauling capabilities. A deckover trailer has four hauling advantages over the standard flatbed trailers on the market.

1. Easier Unloading and Loading

Flatbed options that house the deck between the wheels provide only a singular entrance and exit for loading and unloading. While the beds may have some room at the side, the wheel wells get in the way of successfully removing equipment or loads from that position. 

With a deckover trailer, you have access to three sides, allowing for easier unloading and loading of equipment and materials. Yes, the trailer sits a little higher than on standard models, but with a forklift or other tools, you can make quick work of removing or placing materials.

2. Capable of Hauling Heavier Loads

Deckover trailers in Armstrong B.C., can haul heavier loads than a standard flatbed trailer, depending on size and connection style. A gooseneck deckover trailer will give you the most versatility and highest weight capacity because of the weight distribution to the truck bed and rear axle.

That said, the primary advantage of a deckover trailer is the wider bed and the ability to transport more complex loads. The weight capacity can be similar to traditional flatbeds, especially with a standard bumper hitch.

3. Capable of Hauling More Complex Loads

The real beauty of deckover trailers is the versatility it allows for loads. Typical flatbed trailers are relatively restrictive, but a deckover eliminates the need for symmetry and permits complexity. 

A deckover trailer provides more anchor points, allowing you to situate your load as you see fit. Also, because you do not have wheel wells to contend with, you can carry or transport more in a single trip, reducing expenses and abuse on the trailer.

4. Capable of Hauling Wider Loads

The greatest benefit of a deckover trailer is the capability of hauling wider loads. Standard flatbeds limit how much you can transport and the sizes of machinery you can haul. The wheel wells take up so much valuable space, forcing you to take multiple trips and possibly hire a moving or transportation company to manage wider loads.

Thankfully, deckover trailers eliminate the need to outsource your hauling needs. With the right size and length trailer, you can haul almost anything you want. If you find that standard deckover models are insufficient, you can work with a retailer or manufacturer to design custom aluminum trailers that suit your specific needs.

A deckover trailer is among the most versatile flatbed options. If you or your business have a need for frequent hauling of large equipment or transportation of materials, talk to a local retailer about deckover options.

Locate Your Next Deckover Trailer

Does a deckover trailer sound like the right option for you? Check out Otter Lake Trailers, one of British Columbia’s trusted Millroad dealerships. Talk to a sales representative to learn about all available models, and if need be, discuss customization options. The retailer can put you in touch with the manufacturer to ensure you get exactly what you need.